Hope Presbyterian Church engaged through Urban Ministry and located office at Uptown Resource Center


In 2001, Hope Presbyterian Church, a 6,000 member congregation in Cordova, sought to make a deeper ministry and social impact in partnership with a particular neighborhood. They, along with many city leaders, analyzed many neighborhoods throughout Memphis, TN. Hope chose the neighborhood in North Memphis for several reasons.




  • First | Hope had an excellent working relationship with the principal at Caldwell Elementary (now KIPP Academy) located in the heart of the community. KIPP is a national network of free, open enrollment college-preparatory schools. The school serves 500 elementary and high school students.


  • Second | In 2000 the average household income in this census tract was $7,885.


  • Third | There were no other large social service agencies or para-church organizations already serving the community.


  • Fourth | The neighborhood stakeholders (residents, business owners, and employees) were very open to partnering to address the needs in the community.