State of the Organization: 2018

As a supporter of our mission and organization, rest assured knowing we’ve made some great progress within the year together. With Executive Director Cornelius Sanders at the helm and 18 full-time employees in service, Promise Development Corporation will continue to focus on housing, education, the workforce and economic development in the fiscal year 2018.

We now operate in three counties with 53 single-family units and 73 multi-family units in our care. Our vehicle fleet has grown to include a passenger van, maintenance van, moving truck and landscaping truck to help us deliver service to our residential communities. Our services and amenities include a laundromat, kitchen space/bakery, meal delivery and pick up, as well as made-ready meals for people with special needs in our communities.

We have also retained and cultivated new relationships with the following: Community Alliance, Community Lift, MIFA, THDA, the City of Memphis, Bank of Tennessee, Bancorp South, Commerical Bank & Trust, FHLB, PNC. Promise maintains and cultivates partnerships in the housing community to serve over 200 affordable housing units in the City of Memphis.



Annual Budget

$2.4 Million with $4 Million in net assets


Community Connection

Community Development Corporation
Governing Council
Memphis 3.0




Looking to grow and serve in communities in North Memphis, Douglass, Atlanta, Haiti, Denver and Baltimore.